About Us

Established in January 5, 2005 LUCID Komunika is a communication strategist that helps clients understand what they want to communicate and why we understand our clients. We provide strategy and advise on the best course of actions in reaching the corporate and brand communication goals. We have strong market knowledge and presence in ICT, media, consumer and lifestyle. LUCID has succeeded to build and maintain strong brand reputation for its clients in Indonesia.

Our approach.

While our history and large part of business is in communications services, LUCID has evolved into a marketing and communications strategist. Our Clients work with us across the marketing spectrum, including digital and  branding. The most efficient and cost effective model we propose to you is where we engage with our clients as partners and stakeholders in getting  Their message out.

Our Mission.

We work with your strategic plan in order to develop ideas in meeting the set targets.  Through our consultation approach, we align our communication plan with the strategy and marketing plan to ensure said result is reached.

Meet the Team

We will deliver what our customers are looking for with options and best practices. We will leverage our experience for the last 12 years as our guiding post to ensure customers bear the lowest risk possible to execute any programs

Our vision.

By 2020, LUCID is the leading technology communication strategist working at international level

Our Values.


We are passionate in what we do as communication strategist. We believe the efforts we do, translate to the best course of actions.


Mutual respect is what makes us a great team


We extend openness in the way we communicate with our team members, clients, media, and other stakeholders.


We care for the work we provide to clients and make sure we deliver the activities on time and budget